Project Information
Name of Project: Summer

Client: Sansiri Public Co., Ltd.
Category: Residential
Location:   Huahin , Thailand
Design Period: 2012-2013
Completion Year: 2014
Site Area: 4,800  sq. m.
Collaborators: Dhevanand
Photographer: Pirak Anurakyawachon


The project is located at one of the famous seaside town called Hua Hin which is situated about 300 km. from the south Bangkok. The site is in irregular shape of approximately 9,982 sq.m. The main landscape area is surrounded by an L-shaped building leaving the other 2 sides visually connected to a nearby private garden. Since the site is situated further away from the beach, and half of the residential units does not access sea view, our design strategy is intended to create landscape that is not only functioned as an outdoor hideaway space, but also reflects ‘sea-scape’ atmosphere, so that the residents can feel closer to the sea.

Our concept is derived from the ‘sea bubble’ which occurs once the wave roll over the shore, and then bubbles appear in unique forms. They come in various sizes and none of them looks the same. We conceptually use the bubble form to generate the overall design.

The landscape space is divided into 2 zones; swimming pool and garden. The pool is located on the higher level next to the building, while the garden is next to a wall adjacent to private villas. The large water body of the pool covers 50% of the landscape area, and spans across the whole length of the building edge, providing a direct pool access from all ground floor units. The pool also contains various water activities from 25m. lap pool, children pool, shallow pool, submerged pool deck with bubble water jet, Jacuzzi, to sunken cabana.


The unique curved shaped pool edge provides not only an ultimate setting for each activity, but also a better functional space for a garden level which is lowered by 450 mm. The overflowing water from the pool edge creates the tranquil fluid sound ambience for the whole landscape area. In the garden, a bubble shape become a primary form in generating spaces which are comprised of stepping stone, planters, lawn, gravel beds and cabanas.

There are 3 cabanas in cylindrical shape of various heights from 4-5 meters. They are nicely placed between the pool curvatures and become a main focal point from all directions. One of the cabanas is a pavilion providing certain privacy for Jacuzzi zone, while the other two are daybed and seating area accessible only from the garden level. A shape and pattern of the cabanas’ trellis are also inspired from ‘sea wave’. The series of 30 mm. diameter of linear tube are bended to create curved lines of different heights.

As a result, subtle rhythm of the cabana shells creates unique light and shadow inside of the shells as well as their surroundings. Form and white structure of the trellises contrast with dark green backdrop of the garden behind. They are functioned as sculptures during a day and lanterns at night with series of up lights integrated into each steel tube


The color pallete of hard-scape and soft-scape elements here is neutral and light pastel color composition, to create calm and serene atmosphere for this hideaway place, in addition to wide open feeling of the overall space.

This Landscape space is our interpretation of the ‘sea-scape’ for the hideaway of modern living.