Project Information
Name of Project: Noble BE 33

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Category: Residential
Design Period: 2016
Completion Year: 2020
Site Area: 
Ground Floor 2,495 sq.m
29th Floor 290 sq.m
Roof Floor 116 sq.m
Client: Noble Development
Architect: IAW Company Limited
M&E : Mitr Thenical Consultant co., ltd.
Project Manager: Interpac Company Limited
C&S Engineering : 
Photographer: Napon Jaturapuchapornpong

At Noble BE33, the concept of ‘Backyard Forest Garden’ is translated into a lush green space, providing cool and pleasant space within a bustling city. Arriving at the entrance, a row of big trees are grown, creating a forest-like scenery, along with serenity of frontage pond to welcome residents back home. Here, the site boundary also becomes blurred as it is seamlessly integrated with the outward public spaces by plantings.

Towards the residential units, a small bridge passes over a linear pond, connecting the greenery to the lobby area. Residents can cross the bridge and wander around the backyard peacefully amidst big canopies. There is also a small fountain on a sturdy stone bed, releasing flow of water through curvy waterways which become enjoyable for children. Fragrant trees surrounding the area also help provide beautiful scent throughout the year.

Up onto the 29th floor, residents can come and relax in the swimming pool with a great panoramic view of the city, surrounded by seatings, natural colored marble floors and big trees, giving elegance and soothing atmosphere at the same time.