Project Information
Name of ProjectHotel Labaris

Category: Resort & Hotel 
Location: Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
Design Period: 2019  
Completion Year: 2020
Site Area: 25,644.5 sq.m
Client & Developer : Sun168 Corporation Co.,ltd.
Architect: Chat Architect
M&E : Thai Enger Holding PLC.
C&S Engineering: Thai Enger Holding PLC.
Photographer: Napon Jaturapuchapornpong

Hotel Labaris is a resort project situated on a narrow land plot that is embraced by fascinating mountains of Nakhon Ratchasima. The enchanting and mysterious vibe of surrounding nature inspires a design concept of ‘Fairy Forest’ which is a blend of Khao Yai’s lush nature, and an accent of magical English garden, resulting in an adventurous experience in a mysterious, stunning and wonderful magical land.

The project area is divided into 4 zones. Each zone narrates a chapter of a fairytale through a unique conceptual feature of the project, a maze. A maze in each zone has different design that illustrates a concept of each fairytale chapter, and also weaves all chapters together into a whole one storyline. The winding mazes also elongate visitors’ experiences in spaces that are actually limited.  An axis goes from the project entrance and cut through the 4 zones forward the far back of the project, separating the whole area into 2 symmetrical sides.

Flower Valley

A road cuts through natural scenery and leads to the project that has no border structure and seamlessly connects with surrounding nature. The project’s frontage area, The Flower Valley zone, consists of flowery mounds maze with winding walkways go in-between. The maze is a natural border separating the frontage zone that is open for public and the inner zones reserved for resort guests. The 2-3 meters high mounds also visually shield the project area from outsiders. A café is hidden under a mound like a fairy underground house. In front of the café, lies a lawn catering for events or activities, such as concert or wedding party. At a corner of the zone, a playground is hidden among the mounds maze, surrounded by seating area for parents to get relaxed while watching over their kids.

Green Maze

Next to the Flower Valley zone is the 2nd zone, The Green Maze that consists of a reception building, hotel buildings, and a green maze. The vegetation maze invites guests from the reception to their rooms, adding dimensions and stories to the walkways, like a journey to a castle. Furthermore, the maze walkways that separately lead to each room provide more privacy for guests.

Infinite Forest

In the 3rd zone, The Infinite Forest, a narrow walkway with high bush wall on both sides cutting through the groups of villas before opening up to a mirror maze in the middle of the zone. The area has symmetrical winding walkways and enclosed with reflective walls, creating an illusion of infinite walkways and space. The maze will amaze visitors and offer them experience of discovering a secret place amongst a deep mysterious forest.  

Endless Pool

A restaurant that is open for the resort’s guests and public customer is located in the 4th zone, The Endless Pool. A parking lot is provided for the restaurant customers. Next to the restaurant, there is a pool that is designed as an endless maze surrounded with various trees, creating a refreshing experience of swimming in a stream amongst deep green forest. 2 islands with seating areas are in the middle of the pool. Next to the infinite pool is a kid’s pool catering for family activities. The green space around the swimming pools expands and seamlessly continues to natural area with a stream and forest at the back of the project. A walkway is provided for guests to approach the area and indulge in beautiful nature.

Hotel Labaris project beautifully blends in with mesmerizing nature of Khao Yai. With influence from surrounding forests and mountains, the landscape design plays with a concept of ‘Fairy Forest’, inviting visitors to soak in the wonderful nature, and get adventurous in the magical land.