Project Information
Name of Project: Edge 23

Client: Sansiri PLC
Category: Residential
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Design Period: 2015-2017
Completion Year: 2017 
Site Area: 4,068 sq.m.
Collaborators: Palmer & Turner (Thailand) Ltd
Photographer: Panoramic studio
Awards: – 

Condominiums in Bangkok nowadays have been sprouting like mushrooms, causing a large number of population to migrate to the central part of the city. Edge is one of the condominiums to serve this need. Situated at the centre of Bangkok’s business district and transportation hub. Edge locates itself at the rear of Soi Cowboy, the infamous nightlife district, where it is filled with office buildings which lead to the motor vehicle, street vendors and pedestrian congestions. What defines Edge to stand out from the rest is our approach to assist these public considerations. Since the site is finite and crowded, the solution is to widen the visuals and space to create a better area for the residents. The concept is to blur the boundary line such as wall and buildings. by bending those boundaries, it creates a more open line of visuals.

Edge is a luxury condominium based in the centre of Bangkok city, located at Asok district which is one of the most bustling districts of Thailand. During the day there will be a lot of food stalls along the footpath, many shopping centres, but in the night Asok is shining with plenty of night clubs. Asok is the centre of public transport, where the interchange station for Skytrain(BTS) and subway(MRT) are located. The district is always crowded 24/7. The site is located on Sukhumvit 23 back of Soi Cowboy, The most infamous nightlife district. The shape of the site consists of two rectangles which are perpendicular to each other and separated the building into two towers. Sukhumvit 23 is flooded with people; Most of the footpaths are flooded with street vendors and motorcycle.

The site is surrounded by high rise buildings with less greenery space. As the street vendors and bikes are intruding the footpath, it causes the road to look more narrow. To widen the walkway, we pushed the boundary wall into the site to share the space to the general public which creates a better scene for the entrance and beneficial to the pedestrians. Besides, the construction of the green wall enforces the area to be cool and pleasant, a forest-like landscape that invites serenity within the buzzing city. The contortion of the wall allows the vegetations to find their way and wrap themselves naturally, blending the spaces.

By bending those boundaries, It will create more open visual. Not even the fence, guardhouse or seating can be bended to make the resident feels more relaxed. As the street vendors and motorcycle are intruding on the footpath, it causes the road looked narrower. To widen the walkway, pushing the boundary wall further into the site to share the space to the public, Creates a better scene for the entrance and also be beneficial for the people walking.

The overall shape of the site is consist of that of two rectangles perpendicular to each other with the edges touching forming a narrow space in between. There are two towers, one parking and one residential. Presented at the entrance is a unique feature; The wall that turns and twists, which enclose the view for residences inside.

A 25 meters swimming pool made up part of the Communal space on the 27th floor. Towards one end of the pool, the floor opens up, turns and twists into a 5 meters green wall sculpture that standing mightily. The counter bar is integrated inside the pool responds to the needy city lifestyle, allows the users to cherish Bangkok’s atmosphere from this very floor. Straight lines that curve from all angles inspire and conceptualize the lighting design on this floor and visible on the wall panels above the pool.

The rooftop of both the parking and residence towers are designed into a resting area where berms are carefully formed, creating adequate soil depth for big trees to be planted. Big trees are planted on the 9th floor due to the wind is not too strong, whereas the 36th floor only features medium sized trees as uncomfortable velocity for large trees.

The greenwall on the parking tower accumulates up a total area of 400 Sq.m. Approximately ,It is capable of absorbing roughly 260 MOL of Carbon dioxide. Apart from inhailing carbon dioxide from car exhausts, it also blends and draws in nature , forming a green wall in the midst of a dry and green-less city. The flourishing greenness of the wall helps creating openness at the entrance and soften the narrowness caused by surrounded building on every sides.