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Name of Project: Come On Calm On

Location:  Bangkok, Thailand


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It is undeniable that the lifestyle of urban residents has gradually changed over time. Initially, people were fundamentally connected to nature. Being connected and surrounded by nature allows us to feel relaxed and calm but with the current world situation, the present way of life cuts people off from nature. With little access to green areas plus the hustle and bustle of urban society, people are exposed to stress that can accumulate easily and quickly over time.

According to research by the University of Exeter, stress can be reduced by interacting with nature at least 2 hours a week. For this reason, Shma would like to present a ‘gate’ to the garden. Stress can be dealt with by nature. Introducing a “Therapeutic Garden” will be a tool to relieve stress on a tiring day.

210629 Diagram-Therapeutic Garden-03

This form of landscaping aims to balance the body, mind, and spirit in a stable state where it uses 70% of nature and 30% of hardscape allowing humans who visit the space to relax through all their 5 senses relieving the accumulated stress from the fast-paced urban lifestyle.

In addition, Shma believes that the idea of Therapeutic Garden can also be applied to each individual’s personal space whether it is a bedroom balcony or adapted to one’s landscaping style to their homes. This idea can be implemented and acclimated to each individual to help relieve stress and get them prepared for the chaos of the next day.