[Project Update] Staycation with Shma!

At the end of the year, people are starting to go out more or even traveling to places. Today, we would like to guide you to many of our accommodation designs within Bangkok that will replenish your physical and mental wellness as well as your wellbeing. You can restore your energy and recharge yourself through these places without having to travel far from your homes.

Hyatt Regency, Bangkok
The concept of the Landscape architecture of the Hyatt Regency hotel focuses on the theme of a “Green Canyon” and “Green Sanctuary” where the intention is to create a very lush space for the visitors. This is achieved through three floors of the hotel: the Ground floor, the Swimming pool on the 6th floor and the Rooftop area.
On the Ground floor, visitors pass through a lush plant covered wall into the space of the hotel where small hills are created to give a sense of a space where it is completely different from the busy adjacent Sukhumvit road. The swimming pool of the 6th floor is surrounded by a long tall green wall enclosing the sides of the pool creating a private enclosure from the surroundings, being a real calmful hotel retreat, in the middle of busy Bangkok.

Photographer: Napon Jaturapuchapornpong

Waldorf Astoria Bangkok (Sales Gallery)
Situated in the heart of the business district on Ratchadamri, the road is lined with high-end hotels on one side and the Royal turf Club on the other. The project has to deal with a long and narrow site surrounded by other hotels. The most important objective of the design is to envelop visitors with a calm, lush and mysterious environment. On the ground floor, the 6m high “Rain Forest” wall will be built along the side and back boundaries to become the view backdrop from the hotel lounge and commercial area on the ground floor. Mounds with various heights, covered with ferns, palms, cycads, bromeliads, and other exotic undergrowth, are used to channel the view and interests. Artworks by local artists that are “hidden” in or “taken over” by the forest and waiting to be discovered. The umbrella-shaped canopies of trees filter the view and light from above and generate microclimate under their shade. The swimming pool on the 16th floor, on the other hand, is bright and open and takes full advantage of the oasis view which is the Turf Club nearby.

Photographer: Panoramic Studio

Grand Centerpoint Thonglor, Bangkok
Grande Centre Point Sukhumvit 55 is located in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit district, A short walk from the Thong Lo BTS Skytrain station or via our complimentary Tuk Tuk Shuttle. Sukhumvit 55, also known as Soi Thong Lo, is one of Bangkok’s most popular streets, known for its chic bars, boutique shops, trendy clubs, and a plethora of hip restaurants. It is also known as Bangkok’s East Side’s Siam Square. Through its design approach, Grande Centre Point offers environmental standards of operation called ‘Urban Natural’ program, creating policies designed to conserve natural resources, educate guests.

Photographer: Wison Tungthunya & W Workspace