[Project Update] Shma’s Lines and Curves

In many of Shma’s Projects, we have incorporated the curves, lines, and patterns either extracted from nature, surroundings of the project, or the context of the site. Even though each project is different, the foundation of our design process is embedded in all of these details.

Onyx Phaholyothin, Bangkok, Thailand

Onyx is situated at one of Bangkok’s busiest neighborhoods next to the main busy road and surrounded by congested building blocks. Therefore, “Passage” is the concept that aims to create a unique journey through various transitional spaces between city and the project. Between exterior and interior space. This transitional space not only helps to slowly adjust people’s mood while they move through these spaces but also provides a unique setting for building as well as facilities. 

Safezone Shelter

Situated in front of the Grand Postal Building during Bangkok Design Week 2020, it is an ephemeral intervention, aiming to purify air and provide comfort for people, while also raising awareness about “air pollution,” The design is inspired by the “cloud,” in a futuristic organic form, depicting a clean refreshing atmosphere, while also forming a pleasant Microclimate by equipping vegetation and engineering technology together.

Summer, Huahin, Thailand

Since the site situated further away from the beach and half of the residential units does not receive the sea’s view, our design strategy is intended to create landscape that not only function as an outdoor hideaway space but also to create the design that reflect “Sea-Scape” atmosphere as the resident would feel closer beyond the sea. inspired by the “sea bubble” which occurs once the wave rolls over the shores, then the bubble appears in unique forms.

Mapletree Business City II

The details in the landscape design attempts to define a variety of spatial typologies through topographical conditions, connectivity with the surrounding environment and connectivity with its users to support and integrate the tropical climatic conditions with the built environment to form an exciting and engaging outdoor ‘space’ for a healthy working lifestyle.

Central Festival Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Thailand

‘Central Festival Chiang Mai’ with the landscape design that was inspired by the “Paddy Terrace“- one of the most memorable scenes of local farming practice of the northern territory. The practice also has a long history back to the ancient “Lanna” empire period which literally means ‘Million Paddy Field’. This story is well-known and appreciated by the locals across the region.

XXXIX by Sansiri

The design of the space at the XXXXIX by Sansiri presents a golden color aluminum clad ceiling, it reflects natural light from outside to flash the whole space. All the cabana skin and wall at this floor will be clad in grey -Travertine stone which create a museum like setting.

The Bird Wave Bridge, Bangkok, Thailand

The surrounding landscape which was affected by construction was re-designed in consultation with The Bird Conservation Society of Thailand to increase suitable living conditions for small animals, banks were gently sloped into the water to provide feeding and refuging environment and various flowering shrubs and trees were planted to protect slope and attract insects.

Baan San Ngam, Hua Hin, Thailand

A low rise condominium completed in 2014, the project featured a “Bird nest” seating space enclosure that blends well with the small green hills in the landscape.

Bank of Thailand Learning Center (BOT)

A characteristic of the space that stimulates the best creative learning is a characteristic of the space that is not formal but must be friendly and relaxing without a fixed pattern. It must also be flexible to the change of use in the future. This concept may be seen in the areas such as markets, public parks, and playgrounds.

The Line Jatujak

The Line Condominium represents the idea of ‘travelling’ to different natural destinations by using design elements such as flowing pathways to mimic railway tracks and creating landforms. There are altogether 4 zones depicting the concept which are: The Ground Line, The Water Line, The Cloud Line and the Park line which each has its own unique feature.

Kawa Haus, Bangkok, Thailand

Inspired by the flowing bamboo in the wind, “Kawa Haus” is a luxury residential project with a “wavy garden” situated by the canal. Embracing the waterfront’s peace and calmness, the landscapes are woven together, forming livable space with a refreshing atmosphere. The entrance court is designed to resemble a “bamboo pavilion”, attracting our focus when arriving. This flowing structure creates space connection through the cover walkway and drop-off’s ceilings.

Hotel Labaris, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

Hotel Labaris is a resort project situated on a narrow land plot that is embraced by the fascinating mountains of Nakhon Ratchasima. The enchanting and mysterious vibe of surrounding nature inspires a design concept of ‘Fairy Forest’ which is a blend of Khao Yai’s lush nature, and an accent of magical English garden, resulting in an adventurous experience in a mysterious, stunning and wonderful magical land.

The Chapter One Midtown

The Chapter One Midtown maintains the neighborhood appearance, brick, painted metal, stainless steel and exposed lighting was derived from the surrounding context and used throughout the project. Moreover, brick wall, sunken cushion, homey lighting were all meant to reinstate warmth and familiarity of low rise living to this new high rise, high density residential.

La Casita, Huahin, Thailand

Derived from Spanish, meaning ‘A house full of love and warmth,’ La Casita is designed through the concept of ‘Spanish Colonial,’ creating a mild residence in the well-known vacation town, Hua Hin. Inspired by Spanish Colonial Architecture and its garden elements, landscape elements such as arch, piazza and garden are newly reinterpreted to suit Thailand’s tropical climate and seaside lifestyle.