Pop-Park: Active Mobility: We!Park

Pop Park or a small public area that connects the walkability of the area will be able to produce a good impact for the city both in terms of physical stimulation of walking or creating breakpoints and relaxing points, while also adjusting the environment of the neighborhood. Revitalize cities and neighborhoods to the social aspect that allows people in the community to have public spaces come out to create interactions together

Klong Padung Pop-Park under the theme of ‘Creating New possibilities for the Cultural district’ this time is to encourage the connection of districts together. Increase accessibility to the area through walking in just 5-10 minutes, as well as promoting good health for residents of the district and the general public who pass by under the concept of ‘new opportunities in the old district’. This time is another opportunity to explore new possibilities in Bangkok. It will use creative areas such as Talat Noi – Charoen Krung as an experimental area. to prove a new possibility this time Along with offering guidelines for developing empty spaces to become green public spaces every 400 m.