[Activity] At Shma, today we grew our own edible garden at Sharm !

After our training session with the Veggie Prince, now it’s time to adapt the knowledge to grow our own vegetables in the edible garden or Sharm (Shma+Farm) ! We begin this very first activity by testing out for the best methods for cultivating. All Shmions are divided into 4 groups for different activities. The 1st group is responsible for growing various herbs such as Finger root, Fa thalai chon, Peppermint and Pandanus in the shading areas.

The 2nd and 3rd groups are testing out seed implantation by comparing 2 processes – direct sowing and spreading the seeds with the experiment duration of 15 days. The last group then works on the mixed planting, testing out 2 methods – growing vegetables with and without insect repellent plants-flowers. Apart from planting plots, here, we also have plots for making green manure too.