Brainstorming session

Shma has an opportunity to join and learning with many specialists about pm 2.5 pollution crisis and find solutions to this crisis together for “acclimate” and “improve the city” which that will become one of the worst problems in the near future.“It is necessary to all of the government sector, the private sector and people must to aware of this environment problems that are not just only listening to the news but we have to seriously take an action on it.
Sometimes it comes from social problems that human impact on the environment. These may link to an issue about making a living and economic problems that are
one of the most important issue.
As we are an academician in mass communication and government must take action to solve this crisis together. We have a plan to developing a city’s green network, emission reduction, reduce dust particle pollution and reduce global warming. All of us have a role to play, and none of us bear the burden alone. The positive effects of small actions, multiplied by millions of people, can lead to dramatic effects. After all, we can survive happily ever after together in the city.”