Creating green spaces into the city infrastructure has been our objective throughout the past, ‘Pocket Park’, an approach of creating small-sized parks in the unused space or waste spatial identity of the city. The space that can be easily accessed and integrated into existing vacant spaces such as abandoned construction lots, the center of vast avenues, empty parking spaces, or even in the middle of our office, here, at Shma.
In the past, the pool was abandoned for a long time with no one swimming, making it an abandoned area of ​​the company. We, therefore, saw an opportunity to turn this area into a place to gather, hangout, and socialize. To organize events such as pool parties or watching outdoor movies in the middle of the night, and eventually turning it into a Pocket Park that is more than just a courtyard. Initially, starting with cleaning and clearing the area, we laid the grounds for a lawn and experimented with various activities. After that, we turned that courtyard into a garden in the center of our office. A place to relieve stress for employees adopting the principle of ‘Therapeutic Garden’ planting as the main approach in the design process and the selection of plants. Apart from that, it can still hold events such as Night Music or using lights to decorate the place creating a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere in the office.