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To develop the city and enhance people’s well-being, we establish green infrastructures that respond to urban needs as well as enrich the environment.


The river is a foundation of human life, but we have lost the relationships with the river through time. Hence, we propose innovative approaches to bring back relationships between the river and people.


We collaborate with communities to establish the right solution to tackle increasing social and environmental challenges. We work as a team to create an inclusive future for everyone.


We turn abandoned areas throughout the city into public spaces that provide people recreational, creative and inclusive spaces. The spaces enhance social activities and also meet the residents’ needs sustainably.

Lupin Research Park

Lupin Research Park

           Based on understanding of both local farmer’s wisdom and natural forest ecological formation in the valley, a sustainable landscape concept is proposed by 2 landscape strategies; Stepping Terrain and Rain Corridor, are employed throughout 5 landscape areas.

Bang Bon Ecological Park

          The site for ‘Bang Bon Ecological Park’ is situated on a neglected agricultural farmland on the outskirts of Eastern Bangkok. Bang Bon literally means ‘District full of Elephant Ear Plants’ hinting its original ecology as wetland. This means the area is prone to flooding.

Bang Bon Ecological Park

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