Architect Expo - Animation - Water - Flood - Water brick - Siamese Architects

In 2011, Thailand‘s flood catastrophe was the wakeup call for all Thai to re-look at how to live with water in the future. Focusing on Ayutthaya which is the most affected province during the inundation, a top down solution often results in mega structure that would affect the ecology tremendously. Alternatively, ‘Ultra Flood Plain’ employs only a small intervention which then stimulates community to implement their own network of water detention within their existing agricultural land. This inclusive approach will benefit Ayutthaya socially, economically and ecologically.
We study the formation of the Chaophraya flood plain territory and the recent crisis in order to determine a new balance between water, Ayutthaya city and economic corridor of lower Chaophraya River floodplain for the next 50 years.

The project was a part of the Bangkok Architect Exposition 2012 themed “Water Brick” in Thailand by Association of Siamese Architects (ASA). The exhibition features a model which interacts and communicates with the public viewers through conceptual textures and an animation that presents the process from research to design solution. Small booklets of the research were available for audience to take home.