Huahin - Thailand - 2014 - Condominium - Sea foam - beach - vacation

The project is located at one of a famous seaside town called Hua Hin which situate about 300 Km. south of Bangkok. The site is in irregular shape of approximately 9,982 sq.m. The main landscape area is surrounded by an L shape building where it leaves the other 2 sides visually connected with the nearby private garden. Since the site situates further away from the beach and half of the residential units does not receive sea’s view, our design strategy is intended to create landscape that not only function as an outdoor hideaway space but also to create the design that reflect “Sea-Scape” atmosphere as the resident would feel closer beyond the sea.

In other word, our concept derived from the “sea bubble” which occurs once the wave roll over the shores, then the bubble appears in unique forms. They come in various size and none of them are looking the same. We conceptually use the bubble form to generate overall design.

This Landscape space is our interpretation of the “Sea-Scape” for the hideaway of modern living.