Central Chiang Mai

Depicting paddy terraces scenery

‘Central Festival Chiang Mai’ provides a generous outdoor space for the public to enjoy. Our proposal presents this space as an eventful plaza that embraces various activities to enrich local suburban life.

The landscape design is inspired by “Paddy Terrace“- one of the most memorable scenes of local farming practice of the northern territory.  The practice also has a long history back to the ancient “Lanna” empire period which is literally means ‘Million Paddy Field’. 

The plaza elongates along the main road and gradually terracing up to the mall’s entrances on 1st floor at 2.7 m. higher than the road. Through level changes, the plaza manifests itself in different gesture corresponding to relevant function or place such as grand stair, water steps, and green slope to create a sense of “Paddy Terrace”. At the event plaza where large extent of flat surface is required, weaving floor pattern resembling paddy crops swaying in the wind helps to form an overall atmosphere.

Levels are also split meaningfully to complement retail function such as multi-layer access point to shops, green slope to introduce natural ventilation to the sub surface car park, and water step accompanying alfresco dinning terrace.

Planting palette reflects the species found in native mixed deciduous forest where it is much dryer than tropical climate in lower regions. Shorea talura Roxb is selected to be the main feature for its majestic forms and for the white flower blooming in the cold months. Variety of wild grasses planted in multi directional strip pattern to mimic the golden paddy field.