Magnolias Ratchadamri Boulevard

Raichadamri - Rain Forest - Discovery

Rain Forest Rediscovery

Situated in the heart of business district on Ratchdamri, the road lined with high end hotels on one side and the Royal turf Club on the other. The project has to deal with long and narrow site surrounded by BOH of the design is to envelope visitors with the calm, lush and mysterious environment.

On the ground floor, the 6m high “Rain Forest” wall will be built along the side and back boundaries to become the view backdrop from hotel lounge and commercial area on the ground floor. Mounds with various heights, covered with ferns, palms, cycads, bromeliads and other exotic undergrowth, are used to channel the view and interests. Artworks by local artist that are “hidden” in or “taken over” by the forest and waiting to be discovered. The umbrella-shaped canopies of tree filter the view and light from above and generate micro climate under their shade.

Swimming pool on 16th floor, on the other hand, is bright and open and taking full advantage of the oasis view which is the Turf Club nearby.