23 Degree Escape

Khao Yai - 2014 - Hotel - Condominium - Housing - erosion - mountain

Landscape Fluidity

Liquids substances on Earth are naturally fall and flow to the lower grounds, forms an erosion landscape that human finds them beautiful. Our site locates at the intersection where the flow meets the ground and is surrounded by mountains. The process of erosion that inspired the shape of the landscape became features in our designs.

First, the water features are pools that penetrated the grass terrains while the dune acting as a pool deck at once. Besides at the lowest ground, a large pond was introduced to enhance an atmosphere and also act as a collective rain water source for the plantations in dry seasons.

Second, by emphasizing on materials and plants considerations, planting species were selected to tolerate drought in order to minimize uses of water. And a mix of species is too blended in with surroundings while connecting wildlife.

Lastly, an achievement would lay a sustainable future to the site and the landscape would become parts of the natural environments. Thus when the boundary is blurred, human and nature gently becomes one.