Green Operation

Green - Landscape - Bangkok Architect Fair - Bottom Up - Garden

‘Green Operation’, talked about how individual action and landscape can betters the world crisis. This exhibition was a part of Bangkok Architect Exposition’11, an indoor exhibition under the theme ‘Bottom Up’. The show consisted of 2 parts – ‘Healing Nature’ installation and 4 gardens of world crisis. 

‘Healing Nature’ installation is made up of 1,000 logs arranges to mimic crime scene representing the situation of nature today. Each of the 4 gardens represents a crisis faced by urban community namely: food safety, air contamination, and energy shortage and water quality. The main passage guides visitors through mounds of interlocking crates on both sides which contain specific plants with special abilities to help the crisis such as Mother-in-Law Tongue gives out oxygen during the night. There is also a ‘green equation chart’, showing what one crate of plant could help purify our environments.