LCPK - Thai ancient - Mountain - King Rama IX

Shma has won 1 in 5 placse for LCPK competition, a design for public plaza integrated with learning centre and exhibition hall in honor King Rama IX. Situated in the foremost historical district of Bangkok, our proposed mountain-shaped landmark is the reflection to Thai ancient wisdom while responding to the activity of modern society.

The design focuses on symbolizing the Dasavidha Rajadhamma (Tenfold Virtue of the Ruler) which the king has been living according to attested by his exceptional contribution for the country. Similar to how the dhamma script has been preserved in the Chedi, 10 royal trees placed on the top of the mountain stood for each virtue, sitting on 10 overhanging planters enveloped with 10 bells. When sunshine through sky light, trees create shadow pattern, casting through the interior hall. Each bell room tells the story of the virtue through various media such as hologram model and video.

Stepping mountain roof, where landscape overlay architecture served as public space that attracts people, a plaza of activities and a view point overlooking the historical city skyline and the Royal Palace in highlight. The Hall of King’s Journey, a 30 meters long slope cutting through the mountain showed layers of rammed-earth from 77 provinces of Thailand which the king has all visited in his lifetime.

Glazed terra cotta horizontal fins emphasized the tectonic of the mountain.  Three types of fin are designed to capture different amount of light, individually appropriate for different interior function. At the same time its reflective faces are colored by sunray throughout the day.