Taichung Gateway Park

Morph - Park - Nature - Taichung - Civilize

Morphing Park

VISION - Static to Morph

In designing the future city of Taichung Gateway, the main vision was creating an urban space which is adaptive to the prospect human living condition and nature alteration. Space becomes more temporal and constantly changing due to new advance technology and development in mobility.  Meanwhile the increasing civilization affects nature tremendously.  Natural disaster becomes a regular occurrence. We envision a morphing relationship between Man and Nature where interactions become key factor for society to thrive in this condition.

OBJECTIVE - 3 Major Roles

Where the changing is constant and space is limited, the space becomes an all-in-one multi function performer. Beyond an open space, park of the future city is responsible for 3 other roles that will accommodate and mitigate the changing needs of and between man and nature.

As an integral part of a city, Taichung Gateway Park will have to fulfill 3 major roles including Nature, Culture, and Infrastructure.

1. Park as Nature

Over the times, the new ecology of Taichung Gateway Park will grow into a mature forest and become a large urban wildlife habitat that helps to balance natural phenomenon and urban activities and at the same time stimulate a comfortable micro climate.

2. Park as Culture

The Taichung Gateway Park will provide various sizes of blank platform to accommodate all changing urban activities. It will also showcase Taiwanese culture and ecology through diverse botanical collections through out the park which will help to promote an eco-conscious urban culture as a whole.

3. Park as Infrastructure     

The Taichung Gateway Park aims to compliment the city not only by its visual aesthetic but also fulfilling utility functions of the city.  The proposed stepping reservoir/wetland will clean urban waster. By managing the water level in the reservoir and grassland, the park will help to absorb flood disaster. Solar farm is integrated into the canopy walk design to generate energy for lighting, pumping work, and other mechanical works. The park also offers spaces for growing food to feed the city which will reduce the carbon footprint of transporting food from suburban farm.

STRATEGY - Catalysis for the Morphing Framework

The main surface of the park comprises of PAD + PATH.

PAD is an adaptable platform varies in size and material corresponding to different need of Nature and Man's activities

PATH is a threshold between pads that allow nature and man's flow to pass through

Within the anatomy of these PADs and PATHs, flows of animated activities between nature and man interplays.

LOCALE - Mapping the Flow of Taichung Gateway Park

Park is designed based on interplaying of Nature flow and Human flow

Nature Flow - Connecting from the existing river, natural elements - including Water, Plant, Flora and Fauna flow through the site. New nature is created. 

Human Flow - Vibrant Master planning around the park result in an inter-weaving pattern of human flow in the park 

The interactions between the 2 flows are manifested in various pads and space influenced by their function and seasonal weather condition.

The proposed anatomy of the park allow natural ecosystem to flourish alongside ever-changing urban activity.