Chulalongkorn University Centennial Park

Chulalongkorn - University - Centennial - park

Innovative Ground

The brief was asking for a public park to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Chulalongkorn University that will serve not only chula’s personnel and student but also for the surrounding public communities. 

Once operated as ‘Civil Service College of King Chulalongkorn’ devoted to training only bureaucrats, ‘Chulalongkorn University’ has been established by King Rama 6 to provide education for all Thais. This long history of how the land has been positioned as a forefront 'Innovative Ground' for Thailand since before Chulalongkorn time has led us to the concept for the park. We envision a 'Park' that is at the same time a 'Landmark'. ‘Earth’ is celebrated as an undulating platform that will embody history of the university and it’s evolution below the ground and grows new ecology atop. Strategic mixes of activities are proposed for the park to respond to arising necessity of our present urban community in various aspects such as; nourishing vibrant city life, nurturing urban ecology, exchanging wisdom and grooming the next generation.

The proposal explores new approaches and tools to define a future urban park that responds to emerging challenges for mankind territory.

The earth is lifted and tilted to create different interaction to the adjacent urban edge at each corner. In the original design brief, the park is divided by 4 lanes road into 2 plots. Though, we propose to join the 2 plots into one continuous surface. The earth is lifted in the middle to allow the road to pass through below. 

The sheltered space below resulting from the lift is catered for various group of user to maximise the use of the park during day time which is typically too hot for a park visit in our tropical climate. 

The park’s surface gradually slopes to the top from the ground level where entrance to the park is located. There is 50% of the park’s area that touches the original ground to benefit water retention capability and maturing of the big tree.  The rolling plane sculpts varying scale of amphitheatre like spaces from intimate to grand that respond to wide range of activities.


A public space that stimulates ‘Inspiration’ and ‘fosters emerging ’Wisdom’


1. A public space that is open to diverse groups of surrounding communities and responding well to upcoming developments.

2. A public space that enhances the connection between various part of the project and also links to nearby places.  Pedestrian, Bikeway, And all kind of public transportation are interrelated.

3. A public space that supports all kinds of activities arises from ever-changing needs of multiple societies.

4. A public space that assimilates and stimulates interaction of people.

5. A public space with a strong identity to draw public attention and promote investment for new development.


1. A public space that relies on alternative energy and manages its own disposal wastes.

2. A public space where nature is protected and thrives.

3. A public space where stormwater can be filtered and treated and also function as detention pond during flooding season.

4. A public space that can create a comfort conditions for the city by reducing urban heat island effects and absorbing large amounts of CO2.


1. A public space where people can discover and commemorate on captivating history of the site and the university.