Yothin Patana Healthy Space Park

Yothin Patana - Healthy - Park - Expressway

Express Green Strip 

We were engaged to design a health park under a section of overhead expressway. However, our proposal seeks to address beyond the basic sports function. 

The site is a good example of a typical leftover urban space situated under interconnecting expressway across the city of Bangkok. Even though, the given site stretches only approximately 300 metres long, we see great potential of this project as a prototype that could be applied to the rest of the similar underutilized space to help induces a resilience city. 

The park is positioned to be a linkage for the community on both side of the road. Various sports and recreation programs are lined along the middle of the site bordered by 2 green strips at either side where planting receives natural lights. The green strips provide a nice buffer from the adjacent road and are graded lower to form swale in order to mitigate seasonal flood and purify storm water runoff from surrounded neighbourhood.

Varieties of planting species are selected based on their purifying, low maintenance, and wildlife attracting property. If this park concept has got multiplied along the expressway though out the city, it could be a new ecology corridor within the busting city.