Comtech Bussiness Park

Ridge - Plaza - Park - Roof Garden - Sport Area - Valley

Fuse Ridge

The main idea of the proposal is to extend the ecology of the Pasir Panjang Ridge into the site. ‘Fuse Ridge’ is an artistic formation of memorable undulating earth works emerging from the ground not only to represent the Pasir Panjang Ridge, but also help to manage micro climate, ecology, space, and artwork setting for the whole development.  

Ridge Park / Main Plaza

Prominent series of ridges landscape is the main feature for this space. The ridges are oriented north south to allow ease of connection flow from phase 1 to each lift lobby of the phase 2. This also helps to channel the north-south wind to pass through the space. Top of the ridges is integrated with lightwell cum ventilation shaft to improve condition of the carpark below.

‘Confluence Plaza’ provides a seamless transition from phase 1 to phase 2 by providing a green backdrop for the existing ‘Wave Sculpture’ and at the same time offer its own sense of arrival into phase 2 with new ‘Cloud Sculpture’.   

‘Meeting Alcove’ is a space between the ridges equipped table and chairs for outdoor discussion, chitchat, or private social network session.

Play Valley / Sport Area

Hidden behind the last ridge on the west side are sport courts and recreational activities. The road that divides the sport area is re-aligned to be a straight line to allow more space for more activities. 350 m. long canopy jogging path surrounding the sport area is double up as linkage to the basketball area and extending out to Alexandra Terrace Road. Hangout terrace by the rain garden provide a socialising opportunity.

Cultural Valley / Sunken Plaza

The shape of canteen building is carved to create more interaction of the interior and the exterior space. Alfresco Bar/Café is proposed on the roof to liven up surrounding atmosphere. Amphitheatre on the opposite side is soften with lawn area for functional use. It is shaped to reflect the canteen outline and together form a communal space in the middle for stage performance. Bio-filtration pond is cascading down alongside the amphitheatre is not only helping to aerate the water but also to enliven this sunken space.

Sky Ridge / Roof Garden

Garden on roof terrace on 3 floors is backed by sloping green wall to hide mechanical elements and at the same time forming a ridge-like space.  Each garden has similar space quality but with different infinity edges condition to provide different interaction with the sky line. On 9th floor, water feature is surrounded the edge to reflect the iconic hanging sculptures. Sculptural seats are to cater for cooperate functions. On 6th and 7th floor, greenery starts to take over transforming into a more relaxing hangout garden. Green ridges become an infinity edges on these floor. There’s a good opportunity to connect 6th and 7th floor with ramps to broaden the experience of sky ridge. 

Ridge Hill / Main Entrance

To deal with drastic level changes, we propose green hills extending from top level to the bottom covering all the wall elements and framing the access road with green valley-like space. Cascading waterfall gliding down along the road provides a foreground to the hill creating an elegant yet serene arrival. Top of the hill is a distinct location for another iconic sculpture.

Run-off Water Management

Series of bio-swale surrounding the ridges filters run-off water from hard surface on both E-deck and roof garden and then channel it into the Bio-retention pond located at the southern edge of phase 2. Wetland plant then helps to clean the water before being aerated by the cascading water fall. Treated water is stored in the rainwater harvest tank for non-potable use.

Planting Concept

Dominant tree species in Kent Ridge Park namely Tembusu and Hopea are selected for the project to continue the ecological flow into the site. Varieties of shrub species are selected to fit different shade condition. This will increase local biodiversity to create an optimum habitat for urban wildlife such as butterfly, bird, and squirrel.