Vertical Living Gallery

Sansiri - Surface - Vertical - Gallery

This project was commissioned by Sansiri, an urban residential developer. Providing the image of new life style is the role of the sale office. The building was first designed with glass skin exposed to the surrounding, appearing solid, conventional and missing sense of ‘home’. Seeing also that Bangkok urban is suffocating with concrete surface, Shma the landscape architect, proposed this green living façade so to give building uniqueness and to draw public attention.
Beyond its aesthetic, the envelope helped to reduce heat and glare for the occupant, while allowing sufficient natural light to shine into the interior. The module green wall crate is ready made aluminum composite box for easy attaching with steel structure. Planting pouch and drip irrigation are installed within the felt. This system is inexpensive and convenient to construct. It also made possible to access for maintenance-replacing plant, pruning and trimming some dead plants or leaves. 

Finding a suitable plant was a challenge because green wall is not yet recognized in South East Asia. After a few experiment for local plant species, Tokyo Dwarf was selected as it can endure Bangkok’s extreme humidity and pollution.  Moreover it provides a consistent texture. It takes at least 2 weeks to prepare the plant for its new condition. 

Introducing this new texture was very much a phenomenon for Bangkok. It has proved to function in harsh environment and also established a healthier urban living.