Via 31

Via - Sukhumvit - Soi 31 - Prime - Natural

Via 31 is the 8 floor residential building which located in Sukhumvit Soi 31, one of prime residential zone of Bangkok. Site is surrounded by low-rise buildings on east and west side, and placed in between of neighborhood roads on both north and south side. Landscape area is linked from welcome facilities area at first and second floor, also space between site boundary walls. Totally landscape area is around 3,600 sq.m.

With the site contexts, we propose to create a small enclosed space in order to separate a city environment out from residences privacy. From natural environments interpretation, we propose to plants a layer of tall trees to create the internal room. 

Main landscape area could separate into 2 parts following architectural functions. First part is the front space from boundary at 1st floor that connected to 1m. sunken lobby. From the alternative options of design intent, the most suitable idea is borrowing scenery from outside and creates extended connection of indoor activities. We propose slope of Pinto Peanut with stainless steel tube fence all along the length of front side. Stainless steel tubes have been arranged in grid composition. The density arrangement of tube in various patterns has created rhythm and  front fence becomes more interesting. 

Planting slope connected from boundary slope down to the end at small strip of water features in front of lobby terrace. Combined with high nice column of tree trunks, Dalbegia Cochinchinesis, could maintain visual linkage to outward form lobby but creates an invisible layer of boundary that provides more of privacy. The combination of plantings with a little sound from water feature, space has been interpreted from natural environment space and becomes cozy welcoming space.

A residence facility at 2nd floor is another landscape area connected from building core void. The swimming pool, 25 m. long, takes place at the middle space of area, with the small gathering timber deck at both side of swimming pool. Timber terrace with steps lead to walks down along south side garden smoothly. The garden is fully lush and denser than the front boundary for buffering road noise from outside, with green backdrop of nicely trimmed hedge that high enough to hide solid boundary wall. Backyard garden could provide well relax feeling for residences.