Blocs 77 : Green Camouflage

Blocs 77 - Green - Camouflage - Condominium - Urban area

Blocs 77 is the affordable condominium project located closely to the sky-train at one of the busiest urban area in Bangkok. The project plot is 5,244 sq.m. and comprises of 467 residential units. The main requirement of the client is to create a recreational space at ground floor and swimming pool at 5th floor. 

The project is surrounded by many shop houses, shopping mall, and serene canal. In the front of the site, the project is facing a busy street with the traffic congestion all day; while at the back of the site, it is facing a peaceful canal and an old residential compound located on the opposite side of the canal. The rising trend of real-estate development along the sky-train route has transformed the existing low-rise houses and shop houses to the high-rise condominiums. There is the regulation of providing 6 meters fire engine route around the building and the requirement of on ground parking lots. All of which must be in a hard surface. In order to comply with the regulation and requirement, the mass of new condominium not only dominates its overall tight site and neighbors but also increases heat and glare reflecting from the building and hard surfaces around the building to the surrounding context. 

Other constraints that this project is facing are the flooding during the rainy season, the high groundwater level within the site, and the limited space on the facility floor. To deal with these constraints, our design approach is focused on making this project green as much as possible in order to minimize the impact of the heat and glare from the hard surfaces, raising the planting area above the existing grade level to avoid the root ball to contact with the groundwater directly, and providing sunken space to control the flooding. 

The concept of “tree canopy” is used as a metaphor of nature which helps camouflage the development with green spaces horizontally and vertically. The garden on the ground floor is composed of tranquil water feature cube and undulating patch of green boxes seamlessly wrapping around the outdoor lobby which stretches from front to back. This creates an intact relationship of the resident to the surrounding green space. We also worked closely with the architect to introduce overhanging tree planter and sky garden plugging onto building’s elevation from bottom to the top.